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Automated building of your fanbase through the Artist Campaign

Music marketing fully automated

Generate monthly increasing reach for your music

Professional Ads

The Artist Campaign is your opportunity to automate your music marketing. We have worked for a long time on efficient campaigns, which address as many listeners as possible in exactly your target group and bind them to you in the long term.

We work with techniques from performance marketing and with campaigns adapted to the human psyche. Through remarketing, we increase the loyalty of individual listeners until they become fans.

We use YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads & more

You pay a fixed amount. This amount already includes all costs incurred. Placing ads, optimization and more. Everything is included. It is the simplest form of budget planning and at the same time the most efficient. 

You stay flexible, even though we work with a monthly budget there are no contract periods or the like. Stop the campaign whenever you want! 

Your music marketing budget used correctly

Perfect budgeting

We analyze your various accounts and channels for their potential and run ads based on that. If you are strongest on YouTube, and the Artist Campaign generates the most favorable listeners there, we will invest the largest part of your advertising budget there. 

YouTube Ads
Instagram Ads
Facebook Ads
TikTok Ads

Tailor-Made Music Marketing

Customized for you

Our music marketing campaigns are tailored to you. Automated for you, an individual campaign for us. 

Target groups, bid optimization, keywords and more. All this is customized for you and your audience.

Proven music marketing techniques

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Over 4,000 campaigns. Several years of music marketing. A growing team of marketers. All this is Artist Campaign and the marketing agency behind it. 

We have developed the perfect music marketing campaign for your music career. Professional ads including full support and optimization. Inexpensive as never before.

We advertise for you on

all common platforms which are relevant for you as a musician nowadays.

What you can expect

You can expect a comprehensive and professional music marketing campaign that will help you build your fanbase.

Artist Campaign in brief

The music marketing campaign summarized

Ads on all common Platforms

We place ads for you on all known platforms.

Generate Listeners

We generate listeners sustainably and inexpensively.

Turn Listeners into Fans

Our remarketing campaigns keep your listeners loyal.

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