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Not countless different advertising methods that are more or less effective, but one campaign with one goal: building a fanbase.  

music marketing
music marketing

Start scaling your fanbase.

Artist Campaign

The Artist campaign is the result of years of analysis of various music marketing campaigns. A long-term, sustainable and comprehensive campaign for your music career. 

The Artist Campaign allows you to receive a customized campaign from our team at a budget of your choice. Stay in control!

The platform

Discover the Artist Campaign platform. You can view your campaign status, get live reports and discover lots of useful tips about music marketing.
In addition, every artist gets his individual artist page!

The Artist Campaign is a

All-inclusive campaign for your music

The artist page

The Artist Page is the improved stream now page. A small about you and a thank you message enhance the marketing effect.

Social Ads

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads. All-inclusive.

Musicvideo Promotion

Helps you grow and build your channel on YouTube. More interactions through sophisticated remarketing.

Content optimization

We help you optimizing your content, to get the best possible results.

Our music marketing approach

Checking potential

We look for and recognize the potential of your music. We allocate your budget so that it is most efficient for you.

target group optimization

We define a target group and deliver targeted ads to them. By measuring conversions and leads, the target group is continuously improved. Remarketing campaigns further help to achieve better results.

A working stream now page

A properly set up stream now page that tracks events & conversions and is customized for you as an artist is included.

Let's rock

Recent Achievements

Reach the next step with the artist campaign.

Music Marketing

We are looking forward to build your music marketing campaign


One of the Artists we are working for just reached 100k monthly listeners! Congratiulations! ❤