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How it Works

Automated building of your fanbase through the Artist Campaign

Advertising in the right places

Checking potential

Where are your strengths?

Every musician has his strengths somewhere else. For one it’s Instagram and the special appearance. For others, it’s the music and videos on YouTube. 

We use the strengths to advertise exactly where it makes the most sense for you.

Faster growth

By advertising where it makes the most sense for you, you and your reach grow faster than ever before. 

New listeners are the key

Generating new listeners

Less expensive more listeners

The main goal in attracting new listeners is to do it as cheaply as possible. This way we have not only the most reach but also the most budget leeway to run remarketing campaigns.

Wide advertising

In order to generate listeners at low cost, we run broad-based advertising on all channels. The golden mean of high volume and precise target group is sought and found.

What is your target group

Creating custom audiences

Custom Audiences

We evaluate how generated listeners interact with your content to present them with more customized ads. 

This is how we improve results and increase engagement with fans.

Look-a-like Audiences

Based on the identified Custom Audiences, we can create Look-a-Like Audiences to better narrow down the target audience for generating new listeners.

So bindet man Hörer

starting remarketing campaigns

what is remarketing?

Remarketing is an advertising technique where new ads are targeted to users who have already interacted with your content. 

For example, we can serve an ad to people who have watched a video for a long time but have not marked it with a Like to encourage them to interact.

The purpose of remarketing

Remarketing helps increase engagement with listeners and convert them into fans in the long run.

In addition, remarketing campaigns can persuade listeners to engage in certain interactions.

Showing ads based on how listeners interact

The last step to a successful campaign

Optimize & improve

Constant adjustments

We constantly adjust your campaigns, so you will also regularly feel differences in performance. Every now and then the performance may decrease, but in the long run it will definitely improve. 

Professional optimization

The campaigns are professionally checked and optimized. Regularly. All this happens in the background and you don’t have to worry about anything. Sit back, produce content and enjoy the growth of your fanbase.

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